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Accelerate Your Implementation


Let us team up with you to accelerate your cloud-based Microsoft products implementation into your organisation and equip your employee with the tools needed to perform their daily tasks effectively and efficiently.


We factor in the costs, time,  suitability and simplicity to benefit from the shared costs to maintain the softwares, hardwares, latest updates in the implementation process.

Business information is critical for all organisations and should always be u-to-date and able to be accesses anywhere using mobile devices.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is a cloud-based ERP and accounting software that you need to ensure that your financial information and statements are always up to date and could provide important information about your financial performance and health at any time that you require for decision making and monitoring process.

D365 BC is a Microsoft product targeted to small and medium size industries.

We assist our customers to implement D365 BC in their organisations, tailored to the required level of reporting.

Microsoft Office 365

Migrate your work documents to Sharepoint Online, email hosting and management to Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams would enable your employee to collaborate effectively. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Formerly known as Dynamics CRM, the Dynamics 365 products could be customised manage your database, workflows and improve internal and external communications with the organisation data.

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